Revisit the interactive workshops and webinars hosted during the New York Tabletop Show® for fun sessions on floral styling, matcha-making and mixology from top experts.

Also, check out our Future of Hospitality webinar featuring world-renowned hospitality experts.

Floral Design Masterclass with Flowerschool NY

FlowerSchool NY executive director Calvert Crary shares floral styling tips from his new title Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging in this virtual design experience.


Mindfulness with Matchaful

Matchaful founder Hannah Habes shares her journey with matcha, demystifies the incredible health benefits behind it, and goes through the process of preparing the perfect cup of matcha from home.


Beautiful Booze Mixology Workshop

World renowned mixologist Natalie Migliarini, author of Beautiful Booze, shares expert tips and tricks on all things mixology that can easily be applied at home.


Future of Hospitality

Forty One Madison has partnered with Supper magazine in a conversation addressing long-term ramifications of COVID-19 on hotels, restaurants, and travel, and its influence on at-home entertaining. Moderated by Jenna Campbell, assistant editor of Supper magazine, the talk features a star-studded line-up of panelists including: Michele Caniato, chief brand officer of sbe, world-renowned hospitality company; Daniel Boulud, lauded Michelin-starred chef and philanthropist; and Matthew Berman, founding principal of Workshop APD, leading NYC-based hospitality architecture and design firm.