La Boule (The Globe)


An innovative table and décor concept for design lovers with a proclivity for extraordinary creations:  La Boule. The La Boule variants, all made of premium porcelain, are uncompromising statements for extravagant style.

Design History

Villeroy & Boch surprised the world with dishware that had never been seen before in 1971. Designer Helen von Boch named her avant-garde creation simply, ‘the Globe’: four table settings nested together in the shape of an orb. An outstanding achievement in terms of design and production technology which still generates enthusiasm in the design world today.

Almost 50 years later, Villeroy & Boch is re-introducing La Boule in a contemporary design. This exclusive, updated porcelain orb now features 7 pieces in total and serves 2 people. It includes 2 bowls, 4 dinner plates and 1 serving platter. A perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and function. The La Boule can be a highlight on the table or a decorative feature of any room—perfect for saving space in small apartments or being a statement piece in a large room.

Updated Colors & Patterns

The new La Boule will be available in four versions: La Boule black, La Boule white, La Boule striped, and La Boule Memphis. La Boule black and La Boule white both feature understated designs; La Boule white features glossy white premium porcelain while La Boule black feature matte, dark black premium porcelain—creating a link between the successful Manufacture Rock collections. La Boule striped is a connecting element between the colored and decorated versions, with its combination of glossy and matte surfaces. La Boule Memphis is a design icon with its unique, bold décor and playful color scheme, featuring black and white stripes that come together with shades of orange, rosé, and Bordeaux to create a real statement.


NewMoon: For Modern Dining


2020 is the year of the moon. The moon is a current design trend across a number of industries, including fashion, food, jewelry, and interior design. Inspired by astrology, Villeroy & Boch designed NewMoon. The NewMoon collection features a bold and unique crescent-shape, asymmetrical design that mimics the phases of the moon. The shiny, glazed premium porcelain offers a simple and simultaneously eye-catching design.

The NewMoon collection includes six different plates, coffee cups, espresso cups and mugs, with and without handles, and matching saucers. There are also six bowls, from small dip bowls to large salad bowls, all of which can be used for various purposes and stacking. A large, round serving plate completes the assortment and sets the scene for a gorgeous tablescape.

The collection also features high-quality stainless-steel cutlery with a surprisingly innovative and ergonomic shape. The triangular shape of the back side was designed to fit perfectly in your hand and is suitable for left- or right-handed users. The cutlery collection includes spoons, coffee spoons, dinner knives, forks, cake servers, espresso spoons, serving spoons and salad servers. The 5-piece set includes a soup spoon, coffee spoon, dinner knife, fork and dessert fork.

The stemmed crystal glassware is available in white wine glasses, red wine gasses, champagne flutes and a variety of high tumblers, all of which have a noticeably bevelled rim to complete the exquisite table setting and add a wow factor.



  • Ceramics: Premium Porcelain, Dishwasher-safe, Microwave-safe
  • Cutlery: Stainless steel, Dishwasher-safe
  • Glass: Crystal Glass, Dishwasher-safe

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