Royal Copenhagen celebrates the 20th anniversary of Blue Fluted Mega with a new artistic collaboration and the presentation of the unique limited-edition collection, Mega Rose. Designer and ceramicist Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen, creator of Blue Fluted Mega, and visual artist Mette Hannemann have entered into a creative space where they augment the well-known hand-painted decorations with spray-painted roses silhouettes. The result is expressive and poetic and adds renewed vitality to Blue Fluted Mega. Only available in very limited numbers, Mega Rose is an obvious collector’s item and an artistic addition to existing collections.

Royal Copenhagen adds another creative layer to the company’s first and most iconic pattern; Pattern No. 1, Blue Fluted Plain, dating back 245 years. In 2000, a few hundred years after its launch, the pattern with the characteristic cobalt blue colour was taken under the loving and radical treatment of Danish ceramicist and designer Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen. With respect and love for the historical publisher, she created Blue Fluted Mega for Royal Copenhagen’s 225th anniversary. The bold reinterpretation has since become a design classic in itself and is now so established that it can withstand being creatively interpreted. That is why Royal Copenhagen has invited the Danish visual artist Mette Hannemann to join Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen in putting a new artistic layer onto Blue Fluted Mega.

The result is the special limited-edition collection Mega Rose, where the classic, hand-painted Blue Fluted pattern is complemented and enriched with flower silhouettes, spray-painted by hand. The innovative duo has coupled Blue Fluted Mega’s classic pattern consisting of, among other things, enlarged chrysanthemums, roses and nutflowers with abstract, spray-painted roses.

The design duo first considered a classic rose motif but fell in love with the idea of a ​​climbing rose growing freely across the porcelain. They wanted to tell the story of the rose from its humble beginnings as a small bud, to the swollen bloom and finally to the blooming rose with a poetic outline.

“In the beginning, the options were endless, and anything was possible. As we moved along, and we pulled the project in each our direction, where Mette added layers and I pulled towards simplicity. That way, we slowly created an expression where the new motifs appear just as clean and beautiful as on the original Blue Fluted Mega, and where Mega Rose became and expression that has depth, poetry and simplicity. It’s a special collection that breathes new life into Blue Fluted Mega” says Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen, who throughout her life has been fascinated by Royal Copenhagen’s porcelain.

The Mega Rose collection consists of pieces where the new pattern has room to unfold and creating a unique expression as it undergoes two stages of hand painting in the form of both brush and spray paint. The collection has a variety of pieces; a footed bowl, a teapot that stands out from the crowd as a true work of art with a hand-painted pattern from Blue Fluted Mega on one side with a rose branch and a rose bud silhouette in spray paint on the other. Other elements such as a thermal cup, a dinner plate, a deep plate and a vase are also in the collection.

We had a few specific pieces in mind from the very beginning, such as a teapot and bowl on foot, because they are just crown jewels on any table. The teapot, in particular, presents a very beautiful duality, because it is decorated with the hand painted Blue Fluted Mega decoration on one side and the spray-painted Mega Rose decoration on the other.”

“The dinner plate is another favourite because it is so commonly used and is an original shape that has been repeated in Blue Fluted Plain, Blue Fluted Mega and now in Mega Rose” adds Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen, who believes that a pair of Mega Rose plates can join in beautiful harmony with the original dinnerware.

“When we first added a piece of Mega Rose to Blue Fluted Mega, we just fell in love with the expression instantly. The fact that all pieces of Mega Rose are Limited Edition underlines a thought of them as small pieces of art, and we love that; they are small drops of blue softness that makes quite a big impact. The touch of soft, blue color really makes a big difference” concludes Mette Hannemann, who together with Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen has challenged a treasured design while maintaining great respect for its legacy.

Mega Rose is produced exclusively as a special limited-edition collection consisting of nine pieces. Mega Rose will be available in Royal Copenhagen’s own stores and at from August 2020, and from Royal Copenhagen’s dealers shortly thereafter.


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