Rock & Pop Artist Collection:

Finesse High Ball and Whisky Glasses; Mirage High Ball Glasses


Istanbul-based global design brand, Nude, will launch the statement Rock and Pop Artist collection in February 2020 at NY Now Fair. Inspired by the disruptive nature of rock, pop and punk culture, Nude has commissioned young creatives to customise its signature glassware for a giftable range of glass accessories.

The pool of emerging talent includes illustrators, graffiti and tattoo artists who have updated the brand’s minimalist aesthetic with bold, graphic designs that couple the timeless nature of rock culture with Nude’s contemporary simplicity. The series of decorative glasses, carafes and vases in vibrant colours features an eclectic array of artwork that is accentuated by the clean lines and understated style of Nude’s glassware.

Additionally, Nude will showcase its growing cocktail offering with the Nude x Remy Savage collection of cocktail glassware in collaboration with world-renowned mixologist Remy Savage. This new breed of glassware is fine, elegant and smaller in size, featuring beautiful and classically shaped pieces designed for everyday use in the hospitality sector.

Nude x Remy Savage Cocktail Collection


Nude will also exhibit a number of unique glass pieces created in collaboration with world renowned designers. These include the striking Caldera whisky and highball glasses which feature a linear embossed base that creates a dazzling optical effect as the whisky is poured. The Hepburn cocktail collection, by Brad Ascalon, has been created with home mixologists in mind and comprises a cocktail shaker, mixing jug, martini glass, mixer glass, alchemy glass, and tumbler.

Other pieces include the Iris Apfel inspired accessories and the ground breaking Stem Zero glassware, an ultra durable yet fine range of glasses created using ‘ion shielding’ technology that has been exclusively developed in-house by Nude.

Additional collections on show: Ecrin and Beret by Sebastian Herkner, Opti by Defne Koz and

Paroles Paroles by Ayşe Birsel and Bibi Seck

Hepburn Cocktail Collection by Brad Ascalon


Beret Collection by Sebastian Herkner


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Andrea Berta