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“Discover the pleasure of cooking with a noble material made from carefully selected natural minerals without chemical additives nor heavy metals. Revol makes a point that each product, made by hand in our workshop in the village of St Uze in France, meets the highest demands and displays extreme performance: non- porous, does not absorb liquids or fats, nor odors, nor bacteria, guaranteeing a perfect hygiene.

The essence of our company is our factory: without the factory, the people, the ideas, inspirations, projects and innovations, we could not exist. Know-how and craftsmanship are at the center of who we are. We have been improving our expertise over the last two centuries with passion and perfection. Our manifesto relies on two things: our factory know-how and the commitment we are making to each customer and REVOL user. This manifesto describes the commitments we are marking to our customers and followers around the planet!

In a fast-changing world, Revol is positioned as a player in sustainable development and is committed to environmental responsibilities.

Enjoy healthy cooking!

Concerned about preserving the environment, REVOL has put in place an eco-friendly plan at the heart of its factory, and in its approach to commercialization.

We recycle industrial waste water.
We treat liquid effluent in our integrated purification station.
Mineral waste is taken to cement factories.
We installed a new low-consumption kiln.
We use the kilns’ heat to heat the workrooms.
90% of our packaging are made from recycled cardboard.

Our diets have deteriorated for a number of reasons. One cause in particular has attracted the attention of researchers in the last decade: the way we cook our food.

It currently appears that ceramic – and especially nonporous ceramic – is one of the best at guaranteeing safe cooking. By using REVOL products, and more specifically REVOLUTION cocottes, you are ensuring safe and healthful cooking.

Dare to combine the simplicity of design with new features.
Dare to transgress the usual codes of the arts of the table.
Dare new ways of cooking, arranging and serving dishes.
Dare new materials, textures or finishes that little by little become integrated into current codes.
Dare original forms that nevertheless retain their usefulness.
Dare to seduce without being banal or trying too hard.
Dare your style: cook who you are!

Like us, they are passionate about their work. creating, elevating, enthralling, transmitting, and sharing are their primary concerns. We completely recognize ourselves in their approach.

Revol has a strong international dimension that gives us the opportunity to travel the world all year round to meet a great number of chefs who come from diverse culinary cultures. We derive incredible pleasure from listening to them talk about their craft, the ingredients they work with, the expectations of their customers, their constraints, and their desires.

Out of these spontaneous exchanges often come ideas that will one day become a Revol product.

We like chefs for their creativity, their open-mindedness, and their audaciousness, and they return it tenfold. We strongly believe that chefs of all walks of life come to find in our catalogues what we look for in them: inspiration, quality, creativity. Nonetheless, this privileged relationship brings with it high expectations that push us to ceaselessly surpass ourselves, learn, and renew ourselves. It’s our passion and our business.

In REVOL’s history, there have been many iconic pieces including Pernot Ricard’s famous yellow carafe. The company has been popular for the way it identifies the technical restraints of ceramics only to move beyond them. The sense of creation and reinvention is really strong at REVOL – following artistic and architectural trends, chefs’ ideas, consumer’s habits and also just getting inspiration from the nature around us. More partnerships with designers have emerged in the past years allowing REVOL to always reinvent something new. Growing old, but looking young and trendy.”

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