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Raynaud – a family history of talent.

For over a century, through three generations of entrepreneurs, Raynaud has embodied the traditional craftsmanship of Limoges porcelain production. It all began in 1911 when Martial Raynaud, a porcelain salesman who had travelled worldwide since the late 19th century to sell “white gold” to a wealthy clientele, decided to open his own decoration workshop in Limoges. In 1919, after his early success in Europe and as far afield as Russia, he bought the Montjovis factory which he entirely reorganized to found Porcelaines Raynaud.

This pioneer, who had travelled the world since the age of 20 and spoke several languages, was not only a world class entrepreneur but also an ever-curious aesthete with a love of all things beautiful. He left his descendants an immense creative legacy derived from his encounters around the globe and the cultural vitality which was characteristic of his era. Martial’s eldest son André followed in his father’s footsteps from an early age, working in the factory and learning all about drawing and oil painting. In 1937, at the age of just 18, he presented two of his patterns to his father to be entered into a competition at the Paris International Exposition of Art and Technology. It was a success and André won the silver medal. He took the helm after Martial’s death in 1952, embarking on the adventure in his turn.

Both technically proficient and an accomplished artist, André undertook the company’s modernization and renewal of the collections while preserving particularly exacting standards of excellence and quality. His creations were bold and he excelled in finding new designs with innovative shapes. He was also an avid collector of old porcelain and enjoyed reinterpreting their patterns for his collections. Lastly, André shared his father’s curiosity for the arts, which led him to collaborate with illustrious names such as Jean Cocteau, Roger Tallon and Salvador Dali.

Bertrand, the youngest of five third-generation siblings, spent ten years working with his father before taking over the running of the firm in 1992. Enthusiastic, warm-hearted and passionately interested in art and gastronomy, he shares with his forebears an insatiable curiosity about the talents of his era; he has introduced artistic collaborations with some of the leading names in interior decoration, including florist Christian Tortu, interior designer Alberto Pinto, and artist Hyppolite Romain. His passion for cooking soon led him to forge links with the world of gastronomy and form partnerships with great Michelin-starred chefs such as Thomas Keller and Anne-Sophie Pic. On meeting Mariela a new world opened up before him: that of fashion. The history of the Raynaud family continues…

Raynaud is part of the Arcturus Group which is among the world’s leading providers of high-quality design products for tables, kitchens and living spaces both in private homes and in the restaurant and hotel industry.

It includes other premium brands such as Rosenthal, the luxury brand Rosenthal meets Versace, the traditional brand Hutschenreuther and the young design brands Thomas and Arzberg. For cutlery, stainless-steel accessories, excellent silverware as well as professional cooking utensils and food service, the Group comprises the Italian brands Paderno, Arthur Krupp and Sambonet. In 2015, the already extensive portfolio has been rounded off with the brand Ercuis, a prestigious French silversmith, and the famous Limoges-based porcelain manufacturer Raynaud.

Arcturus focuses on its customers and their needs, creating unique concepts for the table, kitchen and interior. With more than 1,300 employees, the Group is globally active and has offices in Italy, Germany, France, USA and China.

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