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Qualia is the culmination of 50 years of the glass making art, a US based glass wholesaler working with a coalition of glass producers and over 1000 craftsmen whose passion is making glass with great design, unsurpassed value and excellent quality.

The unique influences of American design and European technical expertise with Asian efficiency and artisanship have come together in Qualia, accentuating a global approach to glass marketing. The confluence of these talents is focused on leading edge design, state of the art hand crafted production techniques and a quality/value ratio unsurpassed in the industry.

With the increasing penetration of automated, machine produced glassware flooding the market, Qualia holds on fiercely to glass making tradition and produces each and every piece by hand, infusing our glass with the “soul” of the craftsmen that produced it. From start to finish, each glass passes through multiple quality reviews on its way to your table.

With the addition of our TableArt Brand that is focused on casual, housewares/gourmet design esthetics and price points, we offer a one stop shopping experience for glass with the formal, traditional, contemporary, bridal and casual categories covered by our expanding handmade glass assortments.

And, as a wholesaler with strong factory affiliations, Qualia adds to its portfolio custom production, allowing our partners the potential of creating exclusive products either with Qualia branding or their own.

Qualia — Say it With Glass!

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