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MEPRA, The Luxury Art
Showroom Location
Floor 22
Showroom Hours
By Appointment Only
Eduardo Artidiello
President of North American Operations
Luca Prandelli
Managing Partner
Natia Micalizzi
VP of Customer Service

MEPRA, leading Italian manufacturer of professional and unique products for food service and table top decoration, is a family owned factory, founded in 1947 by the Prandelli family in Lumezzane, near the Italian Alps, where the manufacturing plant is still located.

MEPRA portraits Italian cuisine, tradition, culture, and style.

Mepra is worldwide known for its capability of innovating. Thanks to the collaboration with some of the most famous chefs as well as with young talented avant-garde professionals.

One of the most known MEPRA’s firsts was the application of PVD coating to flatware. After 15 years of research and 10 years on the market place we are proud to be the only manufacturer to guarantee our finishes up to 3000 cycles in commercial dishwasher.

Tradition, innovation, creativity and design are everyday supported by the commitment for the best quality. High quality of raw materials, high thickness, and perfect finishing are inalienable requirements for MEPRA.

MEPRA supplies the best department stores and independent table top stores around the world, as well as top hotels and restaurants and helps them differentiating from their competitors.

At MEPRA we strongly believe everyone is different. In Everything we do, our goal is to offer our partners the chance to distinguish themselves.

Through our history, our craftsmanship and our technology, thanks to our creativity and flexibility, we produce unique and customized professional tools for your culinary art and your table decoration.

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