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Anchored in the time-honored tradition of silversmithing, the Maison Christofle has been creating beautiful, useful objects since 1830, objects that perfectly reflect the French art of living and meet the needs of modern living with the utmost elegance.

Drawing on our incredible wealth of knowledge and our attentiveness to contemporary rituals and rhythms, we bring a touch of the extraordinary into people’s lives, transforming the simplest occasion into a moment of shared pleasure.
The sparkle of silver, the elegant lines of our creations and the careful consideration given to their use result in a form of indulgence that redefines today’s conviviality.

The clinking of cutlery during a festive dinner, the echoes of a party glimpsed in a mirror, an impromptu snack around the MOOD, a vase for displaying flowers from a loved-one, or a piece of jewelry chosen as a lucky charm… Christofle doesn’t just add beauty. It creates an atmosphere that fosters interaction and conversation and strengthens bonds.

This is how we turn a shared moment into an opportunity to demonstrate that the art of living is the art of sharing. The objects we create nurture a sense of community by enabling us to express how we feel about each other and celebrate the ties that bind us.

Created to be Shared.

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