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    (NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER, 2015) - It's now 41 years at Forty One Madison, and the upcoming New York Tabletop Market, Tuesday, October 13 through Friday, October 16, will be abuzz with buyers on the lookout for the category's newest and best for their stores, e-tail operations, hospitality facilities and interior design clients.

    According to Laurie Burns, Forty One Madison senior vice president and director, "Show attendees will definitely see an abundance of new product introductions – especially in the middle to low price ranges. With nearly every major brand and factory in the world represented here, and all spotlighting new products and programs for the coming selling season, this is a must-attend show."

    Burns also noted that the high level of recent and planned construction and expansions in the building underscores the strong investment that tabletop manufacturers are making in the U.S. market. "They're aware that commerce here is on a healthier track, and that there's renewed promise in the buying power of our consumers."

    Case in point is Richard Ginori 1735, which has been at Forty One for 38 years. Its showroom on the 17th floor is one where buyers will see the fruits of its extensive planning and a new vision forits future. Now under the ownership of Kering, a conglomerate encompassing the world's leading luxury apparel and fashion accessories brands, all eyes are on Ginori as it undergoes a branding makeover of its own that will be reflected in an enlarged and completely renovated showroom space. The expansion now puts the showroom directly off the elevator corridor and adds another 25% of square footage to the footprint. Moreover, the renovation will mirror the design of the company's recently rebranded flagship shop in Florence and a new Milan location, which was described in Architectural Digest as "like visiting a charming country estate." These have quickly become destination boutiques wowing savvy globetrotters since opening earlier this year.

    "Our investment in a newly renovated showroom is reflective of our desire to create a space where we can showcase the newest products within a full Richard Ginori ‘home'," stated Richard Ginori CEO Karlheinz Hofer. "The redesigned space is a sign of the company's new direction and focus towards the U.S. market and our aim is that it will expand the brand's global recognition."

    Kiyasa Corporation has moved into triple the space it once had, now occupying a 17th floor, newly built 2,500-square-foot showroom befitting the rapid expansion it's been experiencing since opening its doors at Forty One Madison in 2010. This rising star company began as the U.S. distributor for PROUNA Fine Bone China and has progressively grown to represent a carefully curated portfolio of prestigious luxury brands, which also will be fully on display. In addition to PROUNA, the Kiyasa lineup includes Lehmann Glass, a choice of wine connoisseurs; Greggio fine Italian silver and silverplate; Dogale Venezia, hand painted silver-backed glass giftware; plus "house brand" Kiyasa Signature, which includes an extraordinary series of vegan leather table and desk accessories. Taking center stage in the new showroom undoubtedly will be the new Domenico Vacca fashion-inspired collection by PROUNA.

    Bormioli Rocco will be celebrating on the 16th floor as the consolidation of its office space housing its U.S. headquarters and new modern showroom is now complete. The roomy 5,500-square-foot quarters are the crowning finish to a full renovation of this floor.

    A newcomer since the Spring market but open since July is BauscherHepp, a giant in the hospitality sector. Located on the 6th floor, this showroom features Bauscher porcelain hotelware, Hepp professional cutlery, Tafelstern porcelain, WMF Hotel, Luigi Bormioli Foodservice and Mogogo buffet service products. Though specialized in commercial lines, this showroom will be open for business at the Tabletop Show.

    And, until Spring 2016 when it officially moves into a new permanent showroom, Wilton Armetale will be set up on the 17th floor for Fall Market only, showing a new "Fleur de Lys" collection plus numerous line extensions.

    The Lobby Settings & More

    Brides is bringing its chic sensibility to the tablesetting vignettes lining the Forty One Madison lobby.

    "Brides tablescapes will bring to life the stylish weddings we both feature and help brides achieve," said Keija Minor, editor-in-chief. "Style informs everything we do, and one of my favorite things about wedding planning is using your own unique style to create tablescapes that are truly special. We're thrilled to do that at Tabletop Market, and help share our aesthetic and inspiration with the industry."

    Interior Designer Day at Forty One Madison is scheduled for Thursday, October 15, and New York Spaces magazine once again is on board to co-host. The day kicks off with a private breakfast for interior designers with the magazine's editorial director Jason Kontos in the 39th floor panoramic-view of the director's office. Following, guests will have the day to peruse participating showrooms that welcome working with the design trade.